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Welcome to ElevnEleven

ElevnElevn was born out of experience, knowledge, and a passion for people. I am certified in all of the services I provide and dedicated to make your experience fun and professional.

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My Story

My name is Tina and I grew up in the Spokane Valley. I moved to the Seattle area and that is where I worked in the orthodontic field for 30 years as an orthodontic assistant and lab technician. 

My family and I moved back to Spokane recently and it’s been great to enjoy a little slower-paced life and spend more time with family on this side of the mountains. 


As I was debating whether or not to jump back into the orthodontic field over here I was drawn to shift gears a bit and start my own business that would draw from all my years of experience. 


I've always loved jewelry and making it for years really led me to the permanent jewelry that became available. In my years as a Dental Assistant, in addition to assisting, I did a lot of lab work bending wires, soldering, spot welding, and fabricating orthodontic appliances so this was right up my alley and I love it! You can imagine how many patients I assisted with putting braces on and teeth whitening education in those 30 years. So being able to add those to my business was a great idea.


My knowledge, experience, and countless hours of continued education and training in sterilization, disinfecting, and how cross-contamination can occur will bring confidence to every client as I will practice a very safe environment during your appointment with me.


My goal is to bring a positive experience to every client in a fun, encouraging, and safe environment.


So with the bling on your wrist and sparkle of your teeth “NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO SHINE”

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve my community! If you are wanting to do a private event or looking for a vendor, I am available.

Let's connect!


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