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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a custom-fit chain that is spot welded onto you in a very safe and painless way. It will be permanently on until you remove it. There is no clasp to fumble with. We use the highest quality metals made in the USA. We have sterling silver, gold filled, rose gold, white, and yellow 14K gold.

Material of chain + Per inch + Charms (Priced Individually) = Price of jewelry

How does permanent jewelry work?

Step 1: Chose your chain and charms (optional)

Step 2: Customize the fit

Step 3: Weld the chains together!

Jewelry Policy

Our linkers employ an inspection process to ensure your jewelry is properly welded before you exit your appointment. If your Permanent Jewelry breaks AT THE WELD spot within 48 hours, then we will re-weld at no charge.
We cannot offer replacements or refunds or discounts to replace lost chains, due to the personal nature of the wearer’s lifestyle, job, and other external factors that are out of our control.


Always consult your doctor to see if you need to remove it prior to surgery or MRI. 

Not Recommended for those with a gold or silver sensitivity.

Avoid Following:

- Excessive pulling will weaken the links and cause breakage

- Spraying perfume and using lotion directly on the jewelry

Jewelry Aftercare

Fine jewelry will last many years. 
With minimal care, you can keep your links bright and shiny! Wash with mild soap, and pat dry thoroughly. Polish with a polishing cloth 

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is very durable but can tarnish under certain circumstances. Simply wash with warm water, mild scrub, and pat dry. If additional care is needed, use a jewelry cleaner that is marked safe to use on sterling silver. Polish with a polishing cloth regularly. 


Use a pair of scissors or wire cutters to cut your link at the place where it was welded. Save the chain if you would like your jewelry re-welded.


Our chains are TSA-friendly, so you never need to remove your jewelry.

Permanent Jewelry - Charm Only _ White-2.jpg
No refunds and all sales are final once the chain is cut!
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